Soulful Storyteller

Together, we uncover the core of your purpose, create content that moves people, and craft strategies to amplify your voice.

Let's Create.

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Copy that connects and converts

Creative messaging for one-off pieces of content like a bio, blog, byline, media pitch, or press release.

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Charting a course

A storytelling strategy tailored just for you and varying levels of support from me to bring it to life.

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Coaching consultations

Personalized sessions to
talk thought leadership, public relations, media interview prep, scoring press coverage on your own, and more.

Hi, I’m Amy.

Before starting this freelance journey, I took a quiz on my brand voice. How I communicate in the world. Turns out, I’m a “whimsical visionary.”

Which means when we work together, you’ll be vibing with a playful, boldly curious, imaginative, adventurous spirit.

Want a peek at the results? I’m all about transparency, so, take a gander at this high-level overview:

- I wouldn’t say rules were made to be broken, but there’s nothing wrong with bending them a bit
- I’m conceptually driven, intuitive to a fault
- I ask ‘why’ a lot
- I love the overview, the big picture, and any chance to test-drive an original idea

When I read this, I, felt, seen. I test limits, trust my gut, get to the core, and dream big.  

This is the approach I take when getting to know you. Your solopreneur goals, your personal brand ambitions, your offers to the world. It’s this foundation on which I build the soulful storytelling strategy designed to guide you from where you are now - to where you want to be.


Great if you’re so focused on serving, you don’t have time to write copy for all the things.

Public Relations

Are you pumping out kick-ass content, but to a niche group that you’d like to expand beyond? Let’s get you in front of some new peeps.

Message Development

Perhaps you’ve got a product that you know will change lives, but nobody else does because the messaging feels deflated and dry. Let’s pump some life into that ‘ish.

Thought Leadership

Maybe your throat, hurts, because you feel like you’re SCREAMING your story at the top of your lungs, but no one seems to hear you. We’ll devise a plan so that when you talk, people listen.

You’re here for a reason.
Not just on this website, but on this planet.

You’re helping humans feel more, live more authentically, and make a real difference in their spheres of influence. Because if we all show up as our best selves, well, imagine how incredible life on earth might be.

BUT! When it comes to storytelling, you’re stuck, or struggling, or suffocating.

Here are just some of the ways I can help you breathe a little easier.

Exploratory questions we’ll cover


"Amy is fantastic to work with and I always look forward to partnering with her. I know she will not only bring superior talent to any project, but also a positive and supportive character that makes everyone feel heard, understood, and valued."

"Very supportive, and takes time to pass on her appreciation. Amy’s demonstrated her expertise in [industry] communications through her written work and in strategic discussions."

"She just takes the lead, and gets things done with minimal discussion and direction needed. She’s persuasive and effective, empathetic and understands how best to help and support others."

Ready to see if we’ve got synergy?

Let’s take a virtual, 30-minute coffee break to dream big together. The first one’s free.
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